Copyright and intellectual property policy:



All the images of my art published on this web page (or in other of my pages FB, IG, Twitter) are protected by copyright and my trademark. Its total or partial printing is prohibited. Permission is granted to share my art published on this page and when the following steps are respected: 

• Credit using one of the references below AND

• Include a link to the blog post you are reprinting (OR reference


You may credit me using one of the following references:


TWITTER:  @VeraAdxer_Art  or @wininona

FACEBOOK: @4forasteras or “Outlander Love & Art”

                      @Vera-Adxer  or “Poldark Art by Vera Adxer

PINTEREST: @wininona

INSTAGRAM: @vera.adxer 

GENERAL: Vera Adxer, Vera Adxer©, Vera Adxer Copr., Vera Adxer Art, Wininona


Images to share: permission is granted to share images on other pages as long as you:

• Send me by email with the image you want to use to and give me permission to link / share your Art And

• It credits me the Art / Image using one of the previous references and

• Include a link to the blog post where that image / art will be used



If you want to know more about my work or want to get an art here published send me an email to

The only sales site authorized by me is this link, any other site that you find with my art is NOT authorized.





The drawings, editions and all the digital art on this page takes an enormous amount of time. Thank you for not stealing my work!


Thank you very much